Candle Brands That You Need To Know About

Otherland candles have been a favourite choice among millennials because to their gorgeous packaging and labelling, as well as their unusual aromas. They’re great for gifting or treating yourself. Alpine Crystal (notes of juniper, icy tonic, and lemon fizz) and Pomander Wood (notes of juniper, icy tonic, and lemon fizz) are among the options (featuring hints of honeybell orange, toasted cloves, and dark mahogany).

If you can’t decide, you can build a three-pack and save 18%. Alternatively, you may create the gift of crackling candles┬áset with a black or white box, a single candle or three-pack, and a matchbox with cute alternatives for saying thank you, wishing someone a happy birthday, and more.

Bath & Body Works

If you’ve ever visited a Bath & Body Works, you know that pleasant perfumes reign supreme, from festive scents to fruity scents.

For decades, Bath & Body Works has been known for its perfumed candles. If you haven’t looked at the shop’s candles in a while, you might be shocked at how much it has improved its branding. Glass jars with three-wick candles and attractive labels are not only beautiful to look at on the coffee table, but they will also last you months and are a good investment.

Scents range from Strawberry Pound Cake and Champagne Toast to Sunshine & Daffodils and Rainforest Gardenia, and are available in a variety of seasonal and exciting selections.


Diptyque makes high-end candles with enticing scents that are perfect for gifting or displaying.

Diptyque, a French fragrance house, is nearly synonymous with high-end candles. Despite the high price tag, the selections emanate effortless elegance in both appearance and aroma. Classic scents like Baies are great gifts (they’ve always been my go-to housewarming gift), and the colorful glass and ceramic candle jars are sure to get you praises.

You may score decor-worthy candles with aromas that will take you to Tokyo or Berlin from the comfort of your living room if you keep an eye out for its yearly limited-edition city candle collection, which normally sells out quickly. Throughout the year, you’ll also find limited-edition pop-up collections.

Diptyque candles are also available at well-known stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.


Homesick includes nostalgic candles that transport you to a specific location, as the name says.

Homesick candles are fantastic for bringing you the aroma of a specific beloved location, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Every US state, as well as many popular cities and nations, are represented by the brand. It even contains scents that bring back certain memories and occasions, such as Ski Trip, Friday Night Football, and Grandma’s Kitchen.

Each candle weighs 13.75 oz. and is packaged in a plain glass jar with a black-and-white label.

Greentree Home

Greentree Home sells simple and classic beeswax candles from tapers to tea lights at an inexpensive price.

You don’t have to get too sophisticated if your main goal is to pick a traditional candle for your ornamental candlestick holders or tea lights to form a centerpiece. Greentree Home offers a variety of simple but elegant alternatives in a variety of colors.

The company, which is based in the Catskill Mountains’ foothills, designs and manufactures high-quality, yet cheap, beeswax candles. They also provide candles in unusual designs like pine cones, monkeys, and bottles for those searching for something a little more fun.

New York’s Nest

These candles stand out thanks to their stylish glass jars and boxes, as well as their superior wax.

Nest candles look fantastic on the fireplace or table because of their basic but exquisite glass holders, which go with almost any design. Furthermore, they all come in elegant packaging, making them ideal for gifting.

You can choose from enormous three-wick candles, small minis, or basic single-wick candles, depending on your budget. Holiday Classic is a festive option, and Moroccan Amber is a sophisticated aroma that works all year.

Harlem Candle Company

Harlem Candle Co. sells long-lasting candles with a rich heritage.

The iconic 12-ounce candles from Harlem Candle Co. burn for up to 80 hours, but it’s the backstories that make them apart. Each one is named after a historical location or person associated with Harlem, where the candles are also produced.

The Savoy candle, for example, is named after the famous Savoy Ballroom. Rich notes of blackcurrant, mandarin, green apple, and juicy pear, as well as Lily of the Valley and jasmine petals and sandalwood, evoke the flashy and lively nightlife environment. With fragrances of bergamot, cinnamon, sage, lavender, crystalline amber, and more, the Ellington candle pays homage to the jazz superstar.

You may also buy 4-ounce travel-size candles in gold tins or from sets like the “Nightclub Map of Harlem.”

Mrs. Meyer’s Restaurant

Fresh-scented candles are made by the same company that sells hand soap and cleaning supplies.

Mrs. Meyer’s soaps and cleaning supplies are the company’s most well-known products. However, the company also produces basic candles that will make your home smell fresh and clean. While the candles don’t come in attractive packaging, they’re inexpensive and smell fantastic. You can also choose for the little tins with cute artwork if you want something that looks a little nicer.

The candles are made with soy and vegetable wax, and the glass jars can be reused after they’ve been used. Honeysuckle, Lemon Verbena, Basil Soy, and more fresh scents are available.


These are a standout favorite thanks to hand-blown glass vases and superior ingredients.

When I asked my coworkers which candle brands they preferred, several jumped at the chance to tell me about Lafco. These candles are made with high-quality, chemical-free materials like 100% cotton wicks and vegan soy wax.

The exquisite, hand-blown glass jars in sparkling, candy-apple reds and deep, nuanced cerulean blues are what make them a favorite around our office. Whether they’re part of your Christmas decor or just adding some spruce to your home office, these candles are eye-catching and likely to steal the show.

Ani and her associates

Hand-poured in small amounts, these coconut wax blend candles promote peace and positivity.

With selections that are vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free, Ani + Co.’s handmade candles are supposed to burn fresh and pure and encourage inner calm.

Homme, Myrrh, Passion Grapefruit, Campfire, Siena, and other classic perfumes are offered. Candles are also available as “Mood Sets” triple bundles and sample packs of small candles.

Candles produced with all-natural components, candles to illuminate your yoga studio or meditation room at home

Le Labo

There’s a reason Le Labo fragrances and products can be found in so many five-star hotels throughout the world.

If you walk into a five-star hotel bathroom, you might encounter Le Labo bath products. With their candle collection, you can bring that exquisite aroma and feel into your own house.

One of its most well-known scents is the Santal Collection, which comes in a basic glass jar, a concrete container, three minis, or a retro style with an exquisitely crumpled tin can alternative. You can even add a personal touch by customizing the label, the date, and your name.

Candles with anecdotes

Anecdote Candles are a hilarious gift that will bring a grin to anyone’s face.

Are you looking for a last-minute yet amusing birthday present, or are you stumped as to what to bring to your friend’s virtual housewarming party? Anecdote Candles are exactly what you need.

There are scents for every occasion, and the descriptions of how each candle smells are even hilarious than the titles. Quarter-Life Crisis (all stress and no disco), Bottomless Mimosas (all nice vibes and fresh gossip), and Novella are all options (smells like rich mahogany and thoughtful prose).

Each candle is packaged in a straightforward glass jar or tin. Mistletoe and other festive alternatives come in gold jars (smells like a silent wingman).

Blue of Capri

From basic small tins to beautiful faceted jars, Capri Blue has something for everyone.

Capri Blue has options for you, whether you desire a simple candle with a clean aroma for around $10 or a stylish and colorful jar to put out or present.

There are 48-ounce large jars with a 100-hour burn time, attractive tiny tins, 19-ounce trademark tins in relaxing blue and bubblegum pink, elegant glass jars, and more. The scents range from the tropical and sweet Aloha Orchid Blue to the dark vanilla and sandalwood of Dark Vanilla and Sandalwood.

If the candle smells familiar, it’s because it’s Anthropologie’s signature scent, which is burned all day, every day in their stores.

Smells of a Boy

Boy Smells candles are noted for their amazing branding, inclusion, and delectable fragrances. They’re a buzzy newish brand that’s swiftly gained a loyal fanbase.

Matthew Herman and David Kien founded Boy Smells in 2016 with the goal of making candles that are “genderful,” rather than targeting men or women or being gender-neutral. Despite being a relative newcomer to the candle scene, the brand has developed a loyal following because to its distinctive black candles with pink labels. They also have a pleasant aroma.

The brand recently collaborated on a Slow Burn collection with Kacey Musgraves, and its unique candles have smells that aren’t available anywhere else. Pot is blended with suede, white musk, tulip, and amber in the popular Kush scent. If you can’t decide between two, go for a bundle.

Jo Malone

It should come as no surprise that a company known for high-end fragrances also produces lovely candles.

This opulent British fragrance house is most likely responsible for the scent worn by your effortlessly stylish (and wealthy) pal. Their candle collections include the same delectable and complex aromas.

Simple glass jars house candles, which are more ageless than wow-worthy. However, if you’re looking for a stylish yet decor-neutral solution, this can be a positive. These candles aren’t cheap, as you might think. A travel-size candle is a more cost-effective alternative. The smell will still have a delicious punch even in a lesser amount.

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