List of Non-Proprietary Elevator Component Companies

If you think about, whether you should go for individual parts or a full-service company, it’s important to remember that your research will reflect the final result of your project.

Adams Elevator Equipment Firm

Adams Elevator Equipment Firm is an American company that makes and sells elevator and escalator parts and components to other lift part suppliers, as well as providing replacement parts for a variety of brands. Schindler Elevator Corporation, formerly a division of Westinghouse and now Schindler Elevator Corporation, has been the top wholesaler of elevator replacement parts and tools in the United States since 1989. Adams was founded in the year 1930.

Samuel Thalin created Hissmekano AB, a Swedish corporation, in 1938. They produce a variety of elevator parts and components. They also sell different types of spare parts. Hissmekano will create spare parts if they are no longer available to extend the life of an elevator. The majority of the time, however, generic components, most often constructed from Hissmekano, are used to replace most parts.

Sistema AB is an abbreviation for Hisstema AB

Sistema AB is a corporation established in Sweden that was founded in the 1980s. Elevator controllers and floor indications, as well as the hardware underlying DMG buttons designed to operate with the controllers, are all available from them. Hisstema was the first to use tachometers to build the direct-approach leveling feature, which was a first. One of Hisstema’s initial elevators was powered by a Commodore 64 microcomputer, which had the drawback of requiring the C64 to read the elevator software from tape every time the elevator’s power went out.


Hydroware AB is a Swedish firm that specializes in hydraulic drive and controller systems. Thanks to a servo valve, its hydraulic system is unusual in that it has changeable oil fluid and therefore speed, as well as a direct approach without leveling. Former DEVE employees established Hydroware, which invented the servo valve as a successor to the successful and dependable DEVE hydraulics. However, because Schindler had little interest in hydraulics at the time, the employees purchased the device and used it to start a new firm. Because Schindler and Hydroware are still partners, the hydraulic model of the Schindler 2600 is powered by Hydroware’s equipment.

Industries of Innovation

Innovation Industries is the main article.

Innovation Industries Inc. is a manufacturer of elevator fixtures, pushbuttons, and other elevator parts situated in the United States.

China Electronics Service

China Electronics Service (commonly known as CES) is a Hong Kong-based firm that primarily manufactures circuit boards, industrial automation systems, assistant learning aids, floor indicators, and voice synthesizers for elevators, among other things. The company was founded in 198diary, some of their items are labeled as such. In today’s world, they also build their own elevators.


Memco is a British elevator component manufacturer that has been in business since 1971. The EN-81 elevator intercom/telephone system is the main product. Not only that, but their Panachrome safety door edge (which glows green when the door is open and flashes red when it closes) is particularly noteworthy. Wittur Group WSE-81 Plus/155 Plus sensors were strikingly similar to their E-Series sensors.

Böhnke & Partner GmbH is a company based in Germany.

Böhnke & Partner is an elevator control system manufacturer. They are driving the partnership and development of the CANopen-Lift communications protocol, which is used by components suppliers such as Kronenberg and Ziehl-Abegg and allows parts from diverse manufacturers to work together seamlessly. The controllers come with a Ziehl-Abegg inverter and, when set up correctly, may do direct approach leveling akin to Schindler Miconic controls from the 1980s.


Whether you are choosing one or few of the list companies for your lift project, it’s important to gather as much information about company, it’s feedback and also pricing. Always remember go for the quality parts and don’t save on it.

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