Riot’s Sentinels of Light Crossover Events: Everything You Need To Know

One year ago, the original 1.0 launch was celebrated with a brand new Episode and Act. This Act introduces a new robot agent, battlepass, and a special bundle and event to commemorate the game’s anniversary.

Riot Games has all the details about Valorant Episode 3 Act 1, if you have fond memories from valorant account in the last year and would like to know what happens next!

VALORANT fan can expect a new agent and battle pass as Episode Three, Act One begins. Fans can also get a special Give Back bundle and unlock additional goodies during the Year One event.

KAY/O is the new agent to VALORANT. This is a radical change from the other characters. To give his team an edge, the machine of war can suppress radiants to neutralize them. His FLASH/drive abilities and FRAG/ment capabilities are perfect for dealing huge damage or blinding enemies.


KAY/O becomes overloaded when he uses his NULL/cmd final ability. This suppresses enemy abilities for a brief duration and emits pulses from his location. KAY/O’s ultimate gives players Combat Stim. If he is killed, he becomes unstable and teammates can revive him.

KAY/O was revealed to the public during the Summer Game Fest, as well as through teasers in-game on Breeze. Players can now disrupt their enemies with the new ability set, but the wait is nearly over for the new agent.

Episode Three, Act One, will include a new battle pass that players can grind. It includes weapon skins and gun buddies as well as player cards and sprays. To earn more goodies, players can buy the battle pass.

The YR1 Event Pass is a free pass that gives fans access to exclusive content marking the one-year anniversary VALORANT. Players can also earn a Year One gun buddy, a Year One player card, an Episode Three reflection card, titles, as well as 20 Radianite points.

When and what is the ValorantEpisode 3 Act 1 release date?

Riot Games has announced that Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 will be released on June 22, 2021. After you have done that, you will be able to log in and access the new agent, battlepass and balance updates. The Episode 2 Act 3 update was released around 5:05 p.m. Eastern. The exact date of the update is unknown, but keep an eye out throughout the day for updates — or via the official Valorant twitter account.

Who is the ValorantEpisode 3 Act 1 new agent KAY/O

ValorantEpisode 3 Act 1 introduce KAY/O , a new agent robot. KAY/O, a robot designed to suppress the abilities of his enemies and neutralize Radiants. Zero/Point is able to throw a knife that sticks to any surface and explodes, disabling the abilities of other agents. FLASH/drive a grenade which explodes quickly and blinds other players.

FRAG/ment deals damage-focused damage grenades that deal more damage the closer an enemy agent is to its center. KAY/O’s ultimate weapon is NULL/cmd. This emits a pulse which suppresses enemy agents trapped within it. KAY/O can be revived by his teammates if he is killed while this is active.

KAY/O was the first Valorantagent Riot began working on shortly after the game’s launch. Riot wanted this character a “back-to-basic” agent that would appeal more to FPS fans.

Ryuan Cousart, Game Designer, explains that FPS players should be able to take the same mastery from other games like throwing grenades and use it in an intuitive way for accessing the outputs of KAY/O. KAY/O players should be able to think about the map, see geo, and make decisions based on it.

What’s in the Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 battlepass

Episode 3 Act 1 is just like every other Act of Valorant. It features a Battlepass for 1,000 VP that will give players new, customizable items. You’ll still get the Jigsaw Ghost. Greatly Increased even if you don’t pay. Spray, Greatly Reduced? Spray, Greatly Decreased? You can also receive the following items for free if you pay: K/TAC Vandal

  • 0K/TAC Melee
  • Jigsaw Bulldog
  • Monarch Bucky
  • Force Card
  • Save Your Card
  • Kick Spray or Clutch
  • Salmon Nigiri Buddy

Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer, explains that this pass was meant to reflect on the past as it has been one year since launch. “That’s why the K/TAC skins and Jigsaw gun skins were created as a callback to our lore, agents and history.”

The special bundle and event pass will make this theme more prominent in Episode 3, Act 1.

What is the ValorantYear1 Event Pass and Give back Bundle?

Valorant was 1 in June and an event to celebrate this is being held when Episode 3, Act 1 launches June 22. Players can work on an Event Pass for free between June 22-July 6. It includes the Year One Gun Buddy, Card, Ep 3 Reflection Cards, Year One Gun Buddy, Yeaer One titles and 20 Radianite points.

Bonus XP can be earned by players who play in groups of two or more. You can earn 20 percent more XP per match if you play with five players.

Riot Games celebrates their anniversary by offering the “Give Back Bundle”, which costs 6,382 VP. Although it’s quite costly, all proceeds will be donated to Riot Impact Fund which Riot Games also runs. The Valorant players voted for the items they wanted to see. These items were added alongside Give Back-themed items.

  • Reaver Sheriff
  • VALORANT GONE! Vol. Vol.
  • Reaver VandalIon Operator
  • Gun Buddy, Give Back
  • Give back card
  • Give back spray

Riot Games has done a lot to commemorate Valorant’s first anniversary. Riot Games has already attracted over 14 million players to the PC version of Valorant. A mobile version is currently in development. Don’t be surprised if this multiplayer shooter doesn’t disappear anytime soon.

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