The Best Buyer’s Guide On How To Choose The Right PS4 Controller

We used every one of those controls recorded sometimes, years, and for two weeks – examining them in games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Sekiro Horizon 4.

We assessed each gamepad concerning its suitability for PC gaming genres, so its simplicity of use and its own thickness of features. We made one choice which should suit a lot of people, together with selections for criteria – or even only just a little support and gambling on PCs and mobiles.

Most Useful PC controller: X Box One Controller

The PC control for the majority of people may be your x box One control. This control provides leaning that is better compared to the DualShock 4 works out from the box with the assortment of PC games and also can be offered in a variety of colors. Newer x-box One controls also encourage blue tooth, letting them hook up with PCs wirelessly; 2.4GHz wireless can be feasible to get a lower-latency connection. Even the Microsoft controller is, with also a form and also activates.

The control comes with its drawbacks. Instead of charging using a Micro USB cable, then the X Box One control carries AA batteries, necessitating the 20/$20 Play and Charge Kit to encourage USB recharging. Likewise, the first-generation version lacks Bluetooth connectivity, even requiring a 20/20 Wireless Adapter for wireless connectivity.


Unparalleled aid in PC games, without even needing third party applications
LowLatency 2.4GHz wireless link, also Blue Tooth on after versions
Offered in a Selection of colors and fashions at an Affordable Price


First-generation controls demand jack for wireless link
Eats AA batteries , using a rechargeable battery offered individually

Runnerup: Sony DualShock 4 (PS 4 ) Controller

Yet another fantastic choice is your DualShock 4 control. Its slim shape matches medium sized and little hands along with its own controllers are tactile. It is offered in a selection of styles, frequently.

The DualShock 4 includes several benefits on its Microsoft competition As the x box One control is our option. While the blue tooth is supported by newer x box One controls every PS 4 controller works with blue tooth. The DualShock 4 is also recharged via MicroUSB, therefore there isn’t any requirement.

You need to put in applications to find the control. Thankfully, that the DS4Windows program is absolutely totally completely free of charge, user friendly while offering options not entirely on x box Accessories program.

You might pick the back-button Attachment, a 26 / $40 add on which provides also a OLED monitor for programming and two back bumpers them up. We found it offered exceptional value within our testing; visit our written back-button Attachment inspection for additional information.


Widely accessible, often at a discount and also at Several fashions
Does not require a dongle to operate wirelessly
Track-pad is suitable if your mouse is not near


Demands third party driver setup to operate nicely
Button drives frequently battle with control design

Most Useful premium PC controller: X Box One Elite Series 2 controller

The Xbox One Elite Series two is if you should be eager to save money in your own control. Its controls are responsive and tight, using a grippy coating that ensures a feel and face buttons. There is a good deal of customization options – you elect to get a d pad, swap the sticks out for four possibilities, fix rod sensitivity, and then are able to incorporate the back and four paddles.

The power to toggle with the flip of a switch between three quantities of trigger density can be striking. There are even third-party applications such as ReWASD which enables you to rebind the paddles to keyboard controls if you’d like even deeper customisation, even although the conventional computer software is even stronger than previously.

The Series 2 improves on its predecessor with a design equal to the x box One controller that is conventional that is latest, for example charging via the rack or perhaps even a cable, a headset jack along with connectivity. The battery is more suitable AA batteries, however, additionally it is not replaceable. Altogether though, the changes listed here are overwhelmingly favorable – and also you’ll be able to read more inside our e-lite Controller Series 2 inspection.


Incredible Quantities of software and hardware customization
Comfortable, exact feel with excellent visual feedback
Comprises animal conveniences such as Blue Tooth and USB C charging


Durability problems are seeing to get luxury merchandise
The rechargeable battery is not user-replaceable

Most Useful Inexpensive controller for PC gambling: X Box Controller

The x box 360 controller its iterations, offers you one of the ways to relish gambling. Together with a good deal of models available on the current market and both models, it’s simple to catch controls. Modern DualShock 4 along with x box One controls feel a lot better in the hands and so, therefore, are not as inclined showing wear and tear, however, if you are just an occasional gamepad user, that control is going to perform just fine and cost less.


Available for bargain basement costs
Widely backed by PC games


Ergonomics and tactility does not fit newer controls
Wireless versions need Wireless Gaming Keyboards for wireless connectivity to PC

Most Useful Third party PC controller: Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

While Microsoft and Sony run with game consoles imply their controls will be the default option for several, in addition, there are some excellent choices worth contemplating. Razer’s Wolverine is still among the most useful options, as a result of the usage of both all clicky mechanical switches to get face switches, four additional programmable switches along with four extra paddles over the (costlier ) Ultimate Edition.

The control may be customized to get x box program at the Razer Synapse, on x box One, and PC fix thumbstick sensitivity and of course – fix the RGB lighting. As the Wolverine is expensive for control, it is a more substantial upgrade on an x box One or PS 4 gamepad.


Most Useful applications for remapping and customization
Well-constructed using tight, tactile and Usually clicky controllers


High Priced to get a wired control, particularly the Supreme Edition
Lacks the alloy components of this similarly-priced X-box One E-lite controller

Runner up third party PC controller: Astro C 40 TR

The other superb alternative that is a third party could be your Astro C 40 TR. This controller supports both the Xbox-style along with PlayStation-style thumbstick and d pad placements, because of a semi-modular style and style and style, and boasts a high degree of fit and finish off its superior price. We especially liked the addition of principle sticks, which permit a degree of control.

Both back buttons are also implemented, sitting with immunity under the fingers to stop accidental presses. All can be jumped to any button in only just a matter of moments, without needing to the touch change or software profiles, and it is a wonderful touch.

Should you dip in the computer program, you are in for a treat – there are lots of settings to correct here, from activating sensitivity to hang dead-zones, and also the interface is intuitive enough that you just won’t mind preparing a brand new profile for another game. With the C 40 TR requiring a few top-ups in weeks of usage, battery life has been exceptional within our testing.

The package is finished with a case for its own accessories and its control. You are eager to put money into a controller that is premium and if you play with PS4 and PC, this really is really actually an option.


Well-constructed with reactive controls along with clicky shoulder switches
Deep customization and instinctive applications

After tripping their game foundries Valve gifts to gambling have come out of their hardware branch. The Steam Controller is just one thing, offering a means to engage in with a variety of PC games compared to your gamepad. The magic stems from both blank spaces on the surface of the control, which match the customary thumbstick for trackpads that are circular.

Thanks to haptics, these really are ready compared to an analog rod might, to mimic a mouse, allowing PC games to use ports for use with speed and ease. You can find other nice bits such as just two buttons on side of this control that may be mapped with the controller with aimbot computer software that is wonderful.

The Steam Controller can be just actually really an option that is divisive, and you might prefer a controller design for games with indigenous gamepad support. Valve ceased making the Steam Controller on November 20-19, nonetheless, it’s still on Amazon.


Works in games with no control support
Touch-pad works better compared to the usual thumbstick to get shooters


Many games feel better using just two thumbsticks
Feels Cheaply-made awarded its cost

Best control for PC, I-OS along with Android: SteelSeries Stratus Duo

The Stratus Duo is just another controller that is smart. In addition to linking to PCs with a 2.4GHz USB dongle, the Stratus Duo may also connect with Bluetooth devices such as tablets and phones if a switch is flicked on the rear of the system.

Whenever you are using style battery lifetime is lower, but given that the mobile will be still best-suited for play sessions, so that really isn’t a concern. For playing with an emulated SNES name or Fortnite, the Stratus Duo works amazingly.

As the quality of the controller looks sound as well as the controllers feel true, the button design isn’t ideal – that I found it tricky without even becoming tied up at the thumb rods to tap on into the buttons.

Additionally, it is disappointing that for mounting the control to your 16, the SmartGrip attachment is really just a 10 /10 optional add on – to get the cost, but it ought to be from the package.


Can Join through 2.4-ghz wireless (PC) or Bluetooth (cellphone )
Good Solution for cellular VR gambling


SmartGrip attachment for mounting on your telephone prices $10
Relatively short battery life to Blue Tooth

Most of the remainder: Other controls we analyzed

We’ve chosen for eight control hints in the article above, to continue to keep our tips identifiable. Below are a few ideas on one controls we’ve analyzed.

PowerA Spectra Enhanced Wired Xbox One Controller: In #30this gamepad is roughly #1-5 less expensive compared to the state Microsoft x box One control. You get left behind on wireless connectivity and also also a little quality, nevertheless, you obtain to switch and advantage light in trigger guards, two buttons that are cushioned along with two colors. The cause locks did not work with all the settings on both the causes leading to various levels of movement, within our testing, but the control delivers a more gaming experience that is affordable and looks good doing this. You are unfamiliar with wireless connectivity personally and In case the features are rewarding to you that really is an option.

Thrustmaster eSwap Guru: Still another good spin on the modular control theory, this control just barely overlooks a complete put on the roundup. The tiny buttons are harder to work with than the ones of those Astro C 40 TR As modules along with the switches are so still unique and there isn’t any alternative for connectivity or even baldness activates. Given its lesser price compared to C 40 TR, it’s well worth considering.

Nintendo Shift Guru Controller: It really is really a fantastic First Party controller with superior battery life but it really is more costly compared to its rivals and also does not provide any persuasive unique attributes beyond Shift grip and trendy translucent design.

Razer Raiju Mobile: Even though the Raiju Mobile sport clicky buttons, very superior design, and an integrated smart-phone its odd default bindings on PC require manual remapping in every game. By comparison, the SteelSeries Stratus Duo functions on PC out of this box.

Look at that one when you are able to think it is in working order in a price that is fantastic, or whether the deficiency of a battery at the Series two is a deal-breaker foryou personally.

Nacon Guru Controller 3: the look and quality with this control is sub-par, using flabby shoulder pads and lethargic rods, however, the actual difficulty is that the positioning of the added buttons. In the place of paddles, Nacon has chosen to get a quartet of buttons assembled to the grips. So you’re able to reach these buttons comfortably That is convenient, however, they truly are all-too-easy to put off and hard to differentiate. This creates the NPC3 a difficult sell in a premium control marketplace.

Razer wild-cat: Razer’s previous-generation x box control is tricky to come across fresh, however, it could still be considered a significant choice if you’re able to believe it is useful for a fantastic price. That the Razer Wolverine offers ergonomics and also a design that is trendy.

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