What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is a member of the feldspar group. It is made from sodium-potassium aluminum silicate and has pearly opalescent colors. Moonstone is translucent. You can get it in different colors, including white, grey, as well as other colors like orange, pink and brown. Moonstone is a symbol of feminine energy and new beginnings some beautiful moonstones by at

Zodiac Birthstone

Librans who were born under the star sign Libra will be able to use the Moonstone as one of their mothering birthstones. Librans are gentle and diplomatic but also known for their sharpness. Librans can be indecisive, hesitant when confronting others, and stubborn. However, they are also open to learning and willing to accept change. Librans can use Moonstone to accept change with grace, glory, and ease.

The Moonstone’s warm glow may offer comfort to Scorpions. Scorpions are bright, bold, loyal. Scorpions are quick to react and can turn to jealousy. The Moonstone, with its gentle feminine energy, can help to balance this. It will provide both contemplative yins as well as the push of Yang.

The Gemstone for Inward Vision

Moonstone’s magic acts as a giant, glowing anchor in the sky. Its bright, feminine energy, tide-like tug, and promise of cyclical change enchant us just like the great, glowing anchor above the sky. For centuries, the moon has been a symbol of goddess spirit. The moon hangs over our heads like an orb, sometimes with flickering light and other times as full-bodied and fat as harvest. Adularescence, an albite mineral also known as Adularescence captures all this magic. It shines with light beams. It is also known by the name orthoclase rock. This is a type of feldspar mineral. Moonstone was obtained from far-flung locations around the globe, including Sri Lanka’s tea terraces, Australia, Madagascar, and the Aurora Lands, Norway.

Like the moon in the sky and the Moonstone, the Moonstone has been around for many years. Moonstone, a traditional Indian tool that is used to bring divine wisdom and clairvoyance to the table, is an ancient tool. Romans believed that the Moonstone’s pearly sheen was a solid shard of moonlight. Legend has it that those who looked into the Moonstone saw Diana and that the pearly talisman would bring luck or love to those who wore it.

As a centerpiece for jewelry and other spiritual practices, the Moonstone was again celebrated. The Moonstone was once again used as a healing tool in the 1960s. The Moonstone can still be used to help us reach our health and wellness goals. Continue reading to find out more about how the Moonstone can shine light into your heart.

Physical Healing Properties

Moonstone is associated with the Goddess energy or the divine feminine. It’s no surprise that PMS sufferers might find it helpful. It may help reduce symptoms and improve hormone balance. Moonstone can have a strong effect on your reproductive organs. It can help you get in tune with your body’s rhythm. Moonstone can be a powerful tool to help you overcome fertility issues. Parents can also use the Moonstone to ease any discomforts that may arise from pregnancy or childbearing.

The Mental, Emotional, and Healing Properties

This is an indication of the Moon’s effect on our emotional balance. Moonstone is a brightener in the dark and can lift all your emotions. It can help you to connect with the universe by displaying a symbol of the moon on someone you love or on your person. You can feel more connected to the world around you by bringing back your wild hormones. Moonstone is often called the stone that creates new beginnings. The Moonstone reminds us all that everything is temporary and that everything can change. It reminds us that everything changes and passes. Moonstone helps us to recognize and accept its natural healing powers.

Metaphysical Properties

Moonstone is both magical and cosmic. It can communicate with the chakras and has exceptional psychic abilities. This beautiful, glimmering gemstone is spiritual and can instill a sense of wonderment as well as calm. Moonstone has a strong connection to the Third Eye Chakra and Heart Chakras. These chakras encourage us to examine ourselves deeply so that we can see beyond what is within. These chakras help us to find our place in the world when they are open and tuned. These chakras also allow us to feel part of the vast cosmic puzzle that swirls above our heads.

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