Windows Command Prompt: What You Should Know

Probably the operating system which ran on IBM PC compatibles has been DOS before Windows was established. DOS stands for Disk Operating System and has been exactly what you’d utilize if you’d started your own computer like you can with Windows.

The gap has been that DOS was perhaps not really just an os but rather textual. This supposed control the os that you had to manually key or as a way to conduct programs. After Windows was created it was a graphical interface that has been produced to produce together with the DOS operating system easier to get a novice user.

Variants of Windows were developed and as time moved DOS was phased out using Windows ME. They’ve something known as the command prompt though the systems usually do not run on DOS. In this tutorial, we’ll cover the use and the essential controls of this command prompt so you are feeling comfortable at using this particular resource.

We make reference to it If folks refer to this command prompt they can. They can make reference to it console, a command a cmd prompt, and sometimes dos. As a way to go into the command prompt you want to conduct. Here we list the apps you want to conduct to go into a command prompt on the basis of the edition of Windows you’re currently running.

Begin a command prompt and to conduct these apps you’d perform these measures:

Stage 1: Click the Start Menu

Measure Two: Just click the Run option

Measure 3: Sort the control at the Open: field. By way of instance when we’re using Windows XP we’d type cmd.exe.

Phase 4: Click the Okay button

You’ll be shown a window which look like Figure 1 18, Following these steps.

Figure 1 ). Windows Control Prompt

The command features a cursor ready that you type your orders and is by default displays the current directory, or even a folder that is duration, which you’re in. The C:\WINDOWS> would be your instant and it informs me I am now from the c:\chimney directory.

Touse the command prompt you would type from guidelines and the controls you would like and press enter. At another section we’ll talk about to observe all of available integrated orders to your command prompt and also some controls.

Of Use controls

Even the or cmd.exe apps have integrated controls that are extremely helpful. Here I’ve summarized a number of the commands and education about where best to seek out advice on the commands.

The Assist control – This command will list each of the commands built into the command prompt. You can type help command name, In the event that you’d like information. As an instance help C-D will provide you more comprehensive info on control. You also can type the command name followed with a /? To find out help on this control. By way of instance, c d /?

Only type depart and press input and the command prompt is going to soon close.

The c d control – This control lets you modify your existing directory or determine exactly what directory you’re in. To make work with of the CD command you’d type c d directory name and press enter.

This will modify the directory. You must remember how avenues work in Windows While working with the cd command. A way to a document is definitely the directory, and this is represented by the \ emblem, accompanied with the directories under it.

As an instance the document notepad.exe that’s situated in c:\dividers \system32 will possess a path the following \windows\system32\notepad.exe. If you would like to switch to your directory that’s now on your existing directory that you don’t require the entire path, but could simply type c d directoryname and press enter.

By way of instance if you’re in a directory named c\evaluation, also you will find three directories inside that the evaluation directory termed A, B, and C, then you might only type C-D that a and press input You would be at the c evaluation \a. If alternatively you wished to modify the directory into the c:\windows\system32 directory, then you also may need to type c d \dividers \system and press enter.

The DIR control – This command will list the directories and files inside your current directory, even if used without a debate, or even the directory that you specify as a debate.

Touse the control you’d simply type dir and press enter and you’ll find all of the recent files from the directory you’re in, containing advice regarding their document sizes, time and date that they were written to.

The control may illustrate how long the files from the directory are all currently using as well as the number of disk space that can be found on the disk that is present. When I clicked dir \evaluation I’d observe the contents of this c:\evaluation directory as shown at Figure 2 below.

Figure two

If you analyze the screen above you may notice a set of this directory. The initial two columns would be time and the date of the final write to this document. Depending on whether the specific entry is either a document or a directory a size of this document, and this file’s name.

You could have realized there are just two methods called, that may have special significance in managing systems. The . Stands to your directory and also the. Stands to your former directory within the trail.

Note for controls you should use.

The Duplicate control – This control lets you copy files from 1 location into another. To use
As an instance when you’ve got the file:\evaluation \test.txt and might love to copy it to c:\windows\test.txt you’d type
backup c:\evaluation \test.txt c:\dividers \test.txt and press input It’s going to tell you and give you back the instant if the backup works. That you don’t need to make utilize of the road if you’re replicating within precisely exactly the exact identical directory.

The Transfer control – This control lets you move a document from 1 location into another. Cases are below:

You ought to make use of the help command to know about the controls.


Redirectors are still an essential part to utilizing because they permit one to control input signal or the output of an app is used or displayed the command prompt. By appending them to the ending of a control redirectors are utilized. There are

Batch files are files that have an expansion end in .bat. They have been scripts that have command prompt orders which may be executed at the sequence. To produce a batch file, then simply make a record that leads to .bat, such as for example for instance test.bat, and in the document have the controls you want. Each control must be on a unique line and also at the sequence, you’d want one to execute.

It does not have any real use but can provide you a good instance of many files works.

C D \evaluation
C D \

I generated, When I had been to conduct exactly the document I’d have

Because you can observe from the amount previously, my batch document executed each control from the order.

When there is an app made for state goal of conducting inside a command prompt, or console, this application is known as a program. All these are apps that aren’t graphic and may be run from within a command prompt window.


The cmd tutorial may become quite a powerful and versatile tool to get a personal user. This brief introduction to the control prompt may allow one to utilize your computer. When you’ve got any questions about what best to make utilize of the command prompt, then please don’t be afraid to inquire at the computer help forums.

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